You might be wondering:
what makes us Shine?

Well, our dazzling personalities, for starters.
More about that later!

Our goal is to be as approachable, supportive, engaged and accepting as possible. We strive for personal connections, collaborations and above all else, to show that youth voices truly matter in the effort to make mental health a mainstream public health issue.

How do we do this? Well, at Shine we like to talk…about a lot more than just the weather (although, that’s very important when making your daily footwear decisions). Most people will have open conversations about their physical health and how their bodies are feeling but seem to get a bit squirrely when it comes to matters of their mental health. That’s where Shine keeps talking! We know how important it is to keep the conversation going and to Make Time for Your Mind.

Every. Single. Day. We take the ups with the downs and everything in between—it all matters!

When we are in our offices, we talk about mental health. When we are at schools or in the community, we talk about mental health. When we are home with our families, we talk about mental health. We know this can feel uncomfortable for some people, so we like to listen a lot too. By making these conversations a part of our regular life we normalize them and hopefully encourage everyone else to keep talking. Shine always welcomes more people to talk with!

Remember those dazzling personalities we were talking about before?

Each of us has well-earned degrees in lived experience. For our employment/education stats, please feel free to visit our LinkedIn profiles, and/or to connect with us there!

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