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Did you know that 95% of employees
report that mental health support in the
workplace helped them feel more positive,
less stressed and more productive?

Our Offerings

At Shine Initiative, we like to help find ways to bring a little sunshine to the sometimes stormy world of mental health. Now, imagine your workplace as a place of understanding, resilience, and genuine care! That’s where we come in!

Our team can provide presentations, Lunch & Learns, a virtual training, or a combination that best suits the needs of your employees.

Mental Health Literacy: We teach the signs and indicators that someone may be struggling, and provide the knowledge and education needed to make conversations approachable and accessible.

Stress & Burnout: We all know what it’s like to experience stress or overwhelm at a given moment in life, but do we know how to spot burnout out work or what steps to take to avoid it? Learn strategies for recognizing and addressing work-related stress.

Suicide Awareness: We know talking about suicide can be a scary thought, but we think NOT talking about is just as scary. We teach people the signs to indicate someone might be thinking about suicide, how to ask directly, how to have an open conversation, and how to encourage seeking help.

Self-Care & Wellness: It’s not just about spa days and vacations (although those are nice). We teach about the importance of rejuvenating and recharging your body and mind, each day, based on your own personal needs.

Why Shine with Us?
  • Flexible pricing: We get it- one size does not fit all. Our pricing is as flexible as your favorite yoga instructor. We’ll tailor a package that suits your company’s needs and budget.
  • Engagement guarantee: Our sessions aren’t just informative, they’re downright entertaining! Expect lively discussion, interactive activities, and a sprinkle of humor to keep things light!
  • Real-World solutions: We’re not just here to talk about problems, we’re here to help solve them. Our approach is practical, relatable, and geared towards making a tangible impact on your workplace dynamics.

If you are interested in turning your workplace into a mental health-friendly zone, contact:

Charisse Murphy, Executive Director | 508-762-3610 x1015

Jessika Zequeira, Director of Marketing & Community Engagement | 508-762-3610 x1014

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Check out our Mindmatters app to assess your mental health, get support and join the conversation about mind wellness.