We’re here to work together with you—
youth, educators, parents, caregivers, volunteers.

We’ll partner with you to fight the silence,
stigma, and status quo around youth mental health.

We talk openly and directly about mental health with you, whether you’re a high school or middle school student or one of the primary adults in their lives: educators and parents/caregivers.  And we’re piloting an elementary school program as well, because it’s never too early to Make time for your mind!

Lastly, we offer Youth Mental Health First Aid training for adults who want to learn about common mental health challenges, adolescent development, and how to help in both crisis and non-crisis situations.

We talk with people like you every day, students, educators, parents and caregivers. We don’t just ‘raise awareness’—we actively discuss how to talk to one another in everyday ways that are caring and supportive, and that treat mental health conditions just like any other health topics. #HealthisHealth.

Are you ready to bring us to your school, or to jump in and help? Join us!

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Check out our Mindmatters app to assess your mental health, get support and join the conversation about mind wellness.