We know. Most new initiatives in schools
—no matter how positive for youth—get tripped up due
to concerns about cost, or adding one
more thing to the budget.

While it’s easy for us to argue that making time for mental wellness and mental illness support for all your students should be a top priority—it’s nearly impossible to learn effectively if you’re a young person needing help—we realize that’s not the reality in many places.

Thanks to our own funders and generous donors, we’re able to offer most of our services at no cost, and, for a number of schools each year, even provide a grant for the establishment and maintenance of Mindmatters Teams!

So we’re set up to help with that:

There are three ways that schools and community organizations have funded our mental health education efforts.

1 · The most common are receiving an initial grant from Shine.

What to know before applying for a Shine Mindmatters Grant.

2 · Find local support from businesses and individuals in your community.

Many schools are able to get local funders (foundations, etc.) and/or businesses to help support their Mindmatters Team. We’re happy to help with this (our Executive Director has LOTS of fundraising for causes experience!).

Think about it, maybe your school has a business that funds team uniforms for youth sports, or others in town whose own products relate to youth, or health and wellness (gyms, mindfulness centers, etc.). Approaching them with why you want to partner with Shine can often get us all working together faster than waiting on the grant or budget process. Most of their funds would go directly to the group to use for awareness activities. And it gets your community involved!

We’re happy to brainstorm with you and to attend any meetings with an interested party. Feel free to download our What. Why. Who. brochure [link on google] as a tool to provide to anyone who is interested.

3 · The third way is funding from the district—if you’ve got it, congrats!
Give us a shout and we can get started!
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