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Did you know most programs in schools
—no matter how positive for youth—get tripped up due
to concerns about cost, or adding one more thing to the budget? That’s where you can help.

While it’s easy for us to argue that making time for mental health support & programming for all students should be a top priority, we realize that’s not the reality in many places.

Thanks to our own funders and generous donors, we’ve been able to offer our school-based services at no cost and we want to keep it that way. In order to keep growing and reaching more young people, educators, staff, parents and caregivers, we need generous supporters that are ready to make a real difference in youth mental health.

What could it look like to be a supporter?

1 · Help sustain school programs that make a difference by donating to Shine or becoming a Sponsor!

Students, educators, and caregivers learn about topics like Mental Health Literacy, Suicide Awareness and Self-Care & Wellness and know how to have approachable conversations about difficult topics.

2 · Be a part of unforgettable community events by volunteering or being a vendor.

Our yearly Refresh Fest is a free event for people to come together to restore and \ rejuvenate their minds and bodies with fun and relaxing activities.

3 · Empower young people by asking your employer to be a sponsor at our annual Mindmatters Youth Summit.

Students spend a day participating in workshops of their choosing that focus on topics related to mental health and wellness.

Dine Icon | Shine Initiative
4 · Shine and dine with us at our fundraising dinner where advocacy and generosity meet.

Get a chance to hear directly from young people, celebrity speakers, other supporters and the Shine team about why these conversations matter now, more than ever.

To learn more about how you can become a Shine supporter, contact:

Charisse Murphy, Executive Director | 508-762-3610 x1015

Jessika Zequeira, Director of Marketing & Community Engagement | 508-762-3610 x1014

A big thank you to our most generous supporters!

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