Unsure of how to approach the school
or district leadership about partnering with Shine?

Do you just know in your gut that your school or community NEEDS to bring mental wellness forward?

We can help. While every school or district culture is different, the advice below comes from our many experiences in all different school environments: small, large, rural, urban, suburban, vocational, independent, regional, and everything in-between.

Also, know that Shine and our Mindmatters Teams have started in schools with the initial advocate being a student, teacher, guidance/social-emotional director, parent/caregiver or administrator. The path can be successful in many different ways!

Firstly, make sure to reach out to whoever oversees guidance, social-emotional learning, or similar if you haven’t already. Let them know what you are seeing among your students or peers (or child’s friends, if you are a parent/caregiver), and why you hope to partner with Shine.

Find out what the next action steps might be. These often include getting more info from/about Shine, or pulling together a meeting of other key members of the school community. Realize that the school may already be partnering with others or have plans or a curriculum in the works.

You may want to let them know
some of what makes Shine unique:

Much of what we do is at no or very low cost to the school/district/community group. Our funders and donors give to us to make this possible.

We aren’t a “one and done” presentation/assembly. We stay as a partner. We help our Mindmatters Teams evolve year after year. We help support you when new issues arise.

No cookie cutters here—the needs and culture of every school or community group is different. Our approach to mental health awareness and to building mental wellness is universal, so we work closely with faculty and youth to individualize to your specific environment and needs.

We truly value youth voice. Mindmatters Teams become led by youth, who have the best idea of what they and their peers need support with.

Finally, find out whose approval you ultimately need. Invite us to a meeting with you and them.

Nearly every school or group who meets with us in this way moves forward with presentations at minimum, and most establish a Mindmatters Team.

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