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First things first:
thank you for being here,
and for all the hard work you do as a parent/caregiver.

You’re here likely because you’re concerned with how much your child or their peers seem to be struggling with mental wellness.

Or you understand the importance of learning about mental health and connecting with our young people. You might have general or specific concerns, but either way you want to find Mental Health Resources and partners to help youth improve their mental health and to get support when they struggle with mental illness. It likely feels different to you than ‘when we were kids….’ and you’re right.

Not that mental illness didn’t exist, because of course it did for many people who struggled in silence, but experts in the field do agree that both the prevalence and the negative outcomes associated with mental illness are much higher for our current generation of youth. It’s why the Shine Initiative was born in 2004 and has been growing exponentially in the past few years throughout Massachusetts.

We can help.

How we can help:

And if you’re not sure, but want to start a conversation to explore more, drop us a line. 

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