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Here at Shine,
we like to talk!

We want everyone to feel comfortable talking about their mental health since it’s such an important part of what makes us each so unique.

In our high schools, we host conversations with students, school faculty, parents and caregivers about youth mental health. We then help facilitate ongoing, student-led wellness groups, called Mindmatters Teams, to be sure the knowledge and awareness is informed and led by you!

Your voice is crucial to the success of Mindmatters—after all,
you know what you, your friends and peers are experiencing every day.

A Mindmatters Team meets weekly, biweekly, or monthly, depending on the school. It is a welcoming environment with a goal to spread education and awareness to the larger school community. Teams plan how they will work to reduce stigma and normalize conversations about mental health as well as encourage mental wellness.

The voices and needs of you and your peers will drive the activities of your Team.

Shine can help with ideas, connect you with mental health resources, and keep you aware of important information (safe messaging, new research, etc.).

Once you’re a part of a Mindmatters Team, you’ll have access to our Forum to chat with other like-minded leaders and advocates in other schools across Massachusetts!

Examples of activities by Mindmatters Teams:

Awareness Stickers or Posters

Refresh Days


Stress-less Kits

Mindfulness Activities

Inspirational Quotes

These are just ideas, but your voice and the needs of your school community will drive the activities you decide on. Shine will help to connect you to mental health resources and to stay aware of emerging topics like safe messaging, new research, etc.

Give us a shout if you’re interested in bringing us to your school in Massachusetts!

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Check out our Mindmatters app to assess your mental health, get support and join the conversation about mind wellness.