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You’re here to get support, and guess what?
That’s What. We. Do. So, yeah, we’re glad you’re here!

We support everyone working to:

raise up youth mental health
as an everyday topic in our lives
and as a mainstream public issue

have open and
honest conversations
about mental health

know where to turn for mind health
and how to care for themselves
& each other

We work with you—youth and student leaders, faculty and parent/caregiver champions—in school and the community to increase awareness and together treat mental health on equal standings with physical health. And we’re here to help you through until the day you may want to tell your own story and to help others.

So jump right in to explore Where Are You At? for a bit of checking in and to get some helpful ideas, or to have a better idea of What To Look For in yourself and others.

We’ve got some mental health suggestions straight outta life experience, and best practices if you already know that you want to reach out to support someone else, or to get support for yourself and high five if you do!

We also know that every school, community, and individual’s journey is unique. So if you need support on where to turn for mental health resources, we got you. If you’re someone who is helped by humor or good ol’ inspiration, we got you there, too. Lastly, please take a look at and download or share our newly revised toolkit.

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Check out our Mindmatters app to assess your mental health, get support and join the conversation about mind wellness.