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Each year, the Shine Initiative hosts a
Youth Mental Wellness Summit

Each Summit has a theme
and is designed for a high school audience.

We connect the students and faculty advisors who are currently in our school teams, and to allow for more in-depth discussion of mental health topics. We discuss possible workshop/presentation topics with our Mindmatters Teams to ensure that we are in tune with what young people are dealing with, and want to learn about.

Upcoming Summits will be posted here, on social media, and on our Calendar.

This was great! We got to talk about things no one else is talking about but need to, including real ways to support friends around mental illness, small things about unhealthy/healthy dating, etc.

Getting to talk to kids from other schools is so good. Thanks!

– Summit Student Participant

Thank you for a wonderful summit, I think I learned just as much as my students. The keynote was fabulous—I’ve already had two of my girls talk to me about their own concerns because of it. Some of my students really just needed to see other kids their age struggling with some of these issues. Hopefully we’ll get more kids here next year!

– Mindmatters Faculty Advisor

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